The Zap Safety Standard

The health and safety of our members and staff remains our top priority. That’s why we follow strict safety measures and cleaning protocols across all clubs, so our members can continue their health and fitness journeys with confidence. 

For more information on COVID-19 please visit Australian Government Department of Health or contact the National Health Information line on 1800 020 080.

What we're doing to keep you safe

Increased cleaning regime at Zap Fitness.

Increased Cleaning

  • Thorough cleaning of all equipment by both professional cleaners and staff.

  • No shared equipment unless disinfected between uses.

  • Increased COVID-19 education programs across all clubs.

Safety measures and protocols at Zap Fitness.

Safety Measures

  • Hygiene stations placed nearby high-touch areas offering hand sanitiser, medical grade disinfectant for use and sanitising gym wipes.

  • Our staff have undertaken Australian Government training modules on COVID-19.

  • Closing water bubblers (bottled water will remain available to purchase).

  • Cash free purchases at Reception.

Social distancing protocols at Zap Fitness.

Social Distancing

  • Repositioned equipment where possible

Keeping Each Other Safe

At this time, community is more important than ever. You can help us and your fellow members stay safe and healthy by following these guidelines.

  • Do not attend the gym if you’re feeling unwell.

  • Our strict ‘no towel, no train’ policy is in place.

  • We ask that you take responsibility for social distancing measures by adhering to dedicated floor markings, respect capacity rules and use only the equipment that is available.

  • Thoroughly wipe down all equipment before and after use, using the antibacterial wipes provided.

  • Always swipe into the club, this will enable more accurate attendance records.

  • Please be respectful to team members who are enforcing procedures.

VIC Additional Safety Measures 

In line with the latest VIC Government announcement, we will be required to observe the following additional measures in our VIC clubs.

  • In accordance with Government requirements, members and visitors must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or provide sufficient evidence of a medical exemption, to be able to enter a Zap Fitness club in VIC. See the FAQs below for instructions on how to do this. 

  • Closure of water bubblers (bottled water will remain available to purchase).

  • Mandatory QR code check-in upon entry via the Service VIC app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 24/7 access available?

Zap clubs will reopen with normal operating hours, including 24/7 access. Please click here to find your nearest club and view opening hours.

Will Personal Training be available?

Yes, Personal Trainers are back where clubs are open. If you’ve got an existing relationship with a Personal Trainer, please contact them directly. If you’re looking to engage with a Personal Trainer for the first time, please fill out our form here and a trainer at your local club will be in touch. 

How will you do contact tracing?

It’s important that you swipe into the club when visiting. This will allow us to trace when you have entered and left the club, should the data be required by the Department of Health. We also encourage members to download the Government COVIDSafe app. VIC members will also need to complete an additional QR code check in, as required by the state government.

What happens if there is a COVID-19 case in a club?

Zap follows all state Government health Advice, recommendations and guidelines in relation to this matter. The relevant state Health Department will inform Zap if an individual who visited our clubs has tested positive for COVID-19. 

Zap will provide the state Health Department with the details of all members, guests and staff. The relevant state Health Department will contact members who are required to self-isolate or monitor for symptoms as a result of potentially being in contact with the member. The club will undergo a thorough process of deep cleaning, in addition to the increased daily cleaning, and then be cleared by the Health Department for reopening.

Do I need to wear a mask?

In some states face masks may be required to be worn indoors. Please refer to current State Government guidelines for more information.

Additional VIC Safety Measures

Are Zap staff members and Personal Trainers vaccinated against COVID-19?

As per the current VIC Government guidelines, all Zap staff and Personal Trainers working in our VIC clubs are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

How are you ensuring that only fully vaccinated people are entering the club?

To access a Zap club in VIC, members will need to provide their COVID-19 Digital Certificate in order for their membership card to work. Access will be denied for any person who has not provided proof of vaccination or medical exemption.

How do I provide proof of my vaccination status?

Before your first visit back to the gym or upon joining a Zap VIC gym, you will need to provide your COVID-19 Digital Certificate or proof of medical exemption as per the current VIC Government guidelines. Your membership card will not work until proof of vaccination has been received.

There are two ways you can provide proof of vaccination; 

  1. Login to the Zap member portal and follow the steps to upload your COVID-19 Digital Certificate online. If you are a 24/7 member and wish to visit the gym outside of staffed hours, you will need to follow this process prior to your first visit.

  2. If you would prefer not to upload your certificate online, bring it with you during staffed hours and our Customer Service Representatives will verify in person. Staffed hours can be viewed on our club pages here

How do I login to the member portal for the first time?

  1. Click here and follow the prompts log in using the email address connected to your Zap membership.

  2. If it’s your first time logging in, click “Unlock account?” at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts.

  3. Once you’re logged in, don’t forget to save the page to your browser.

I’m having trouble logging into the member portal and/or uploading my COVID-19 Digital Certificate.

Make sure the email address used to login to the member portal is the same address we have on your membership file. If you have forgotten your password, or you’re logging in for the first time and need to create one, click ‘Forgot your password?’ and follow the prompts. 

For further assistance, contact our team on [email protected]. Alternatively, bring your certificate with you when visiting the gym during staffed hours for our Customer Service Representatives to verify in person.

I’m not currently vaccinated, what does this mean for me?

In-line with the current Public Health Advice issued by the Victorian Government, VIC members are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide proof of medical exemption in order to access and train at our clubs.

I’ve had my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, am I able to return to the gym?

In-line with the current Public Health Advice issued by the Victorian Government, VIC members are required to have had both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in order to access and train at our clubs.

If you would like to extend your membership freeze for 2 weeks while awaiting your second dose, please contact us on 1300 ZAP FIT.

I’ve had both COVID-19 vaccinations but the Medicare app isn’t displaying my certificate.

More information about how to get a record of your COVID-19 vaccination can be found on the Victorian Health Dept here.

Who will be able to see my health information?

The collection and use of your uploaded document is for the sole purpose of validating your vaccination status. Your data will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Where can I get information about COVID-19 vaccines?

The latest news and information about COVID-19 vaccines can be found on the Government’s website here.

I don’t intend on getting vaccinated, what does this mean for me?

In-line with the current Public Health Advice issued by the Victorian Government, VIC members are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide proof of medical exemption in order to access and train at our clubs. If you would like to extend your membership freeze please contact us on 1300 ZAP FIT.

I am medically exempt from the COVID-19 vaccine.

You must provide evidence of your medical exemption in order to access and train at our clubs. More information about medical exemption can be found on the Victorian Health Dept here. 

Membership Billing

What happens to my contract term during Government closures?

During Government closure periods your membership is placed on a complimentary freeze and you are not charged for the days your club is closed. As your membership payments are paused, your minimum contract term remains unchanged.

I was charged just before we went into lockdown, what will happen with this payment?

A credit has automatically been applied to your future membership dues. This will be drawn on when the clubs reopen and billing resumes.

I was debited an amount that isn’t my usual payment, what is this for?

Since reopening our clubs, we have charged a pro rata amount for the days the club has been open, along with your regular fortnightly or weekly payment.